Mainland Ecuador

Maquita Turismo offers a variety of tours in continental Ecuador: Andes, Coast and Amazon, live unique and authentic experiences practicing ecological and responsible tourism; every day following the path of the sun in the middle of the world.

Ascend majestic mountains and volcanoes, live with rural and indigenous Andean communities, learn about their culture and contribute to local development; explore cloud forests with their variety of orchids and enjoy visiting heritage cities.

Let yourself be impressed by the Amazon jungle, its biodiversity with species of flora and fauna unique in the world, its ancient culture full of enigmas and ancestral knowledge. Let yourself be caressed by the sun of the Pacific coast, while enjoying white sand beaches, all this combined with the aroma and flavor of the best cocoa and chocolate in the world.

Tour these regions of continental Ecuador, through our tailor-made tours and programs guided in different languages.

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