5 diciembre, 2016

Incredible experiences full of adventures in Quilotoa circuit

The comfort of our accommodation facilities in the Hotel Princess Toa and CTC Shalala Lodge, the exquisite dining restaurant Kirutwa, coupled with the excellent attention of […]
5 diciembre, 2016

Live an incredible experiences in Quilotoa circuit

Enjoy spectacular scenery, incredible adventure-filled experiences, feel the comfort of our lodging services at the Princesa Toa Hotel and the CTC Shalala Lodge, The exquisite gastronomy […]
5 diciembre, 2016

In the carnival holiday, Enjoy Ecuador!

Meet our options to enjoy a magical holiday in Ecuador, tourism package to different destinations and accessible to all. Call now.
5 diciembre, 2016

Visiting Ecuador is such an amazing experience

In Ecuador you can climb the highest active volcano in the world (Cotopaxi 5,897 m.), sail through the Amazon tributaries, cross the Equatorial line riding a […]