About Us

Our Company

Maquita Tourism is a tourism operator with more than 17 years of experience in responsible tourism, its mission is based on providing to its clients touristic services and products with enriching experiences where quality, comfort and hospitality is essential, all of this with a big social and environmental agreement.

Our Principles of Responsible Tourism

In Maquita Tourism, we practice a different way to do responsible tourism; we manage cultural interchange based in the following principles:

– Promote a responsible tourism with ethical, social,cultural values and respect for the rights of Mother Nature
– Contribute to heritage conservation through the rational use of natural resources and respect for the expressions of cultural identity.
– We promote partnership with opportunities and benefits for the entire organization, ensuring gender equality with women’s empowerment
– We promote quality experiences and rewarding encounters between visitors and local communities.
– Encourage the transfer of knowledge and develop capacities to ensure sustainable business practices and of quality.
– We contribute to the inclusive local development through solidarity and economic tourism circuits.

With Maquita Tourism, you receive more:

Competitive rates. We work directly with Community Tourism Centers and we operate directly, not with intermediaries.
Fast and flexible global response, in a time limit of 24 hours.
High standards of service during the visit.
Custom packages according to your needs. We are always developing new routes.